Can Virgins Have Premature Ejaculation?

Can virgins have premature ejaculation? In this article, I’ll explain how it is indeed possible and why this is so. I’ll also share the key to getting rid of premature ejaculation for good.

The answer to this question is yes. Actually, anyone can have premature ejaculation. Just because someone is a virgin does not mean that they are somehow automatically excluded or immune from it. If this were true then medical science would be investing a lot of money into this area to try to find a quick cure for premature ejaculation!

Virgins often suffer from premature ejaculation when they have their first experience of sexual intercourse. The reason for this is simple: nerves.

Premature ejaculation is ultimately caused by anxiety. If you have worrying thoughts about anything in the bedroom then it can manifest itself as premature ejaculation. Some examples are:

  • how long will I last?
  • am I good enough in bed?
  • is she getting enough pleasure from me?
  • is my penis big enough?

The Key To Overcoming PE

Therefore, the key to getting rid of PE is to get rid of your anxiety. In the vast majority of cases, PE will disappear quickly with experience. Often, it takes only a handful or more of acts of intercourse with your first partner and your confidence will have increased in leaps and bounds and your anxiety will have been quashed.

In some men, it may take them longer. They may need a different sexual partner to overcome their PE due to their first having not been understanding of their problem. If you are in a situation with a first partner and you still have PE, despite regular sex, then you should ask yourself is she is being supportive of you. I will tell you right now that you will find it very difficult to overcome PE if your partner is not supportive.

So, most guys grow out of it, even if it takes several sexual partners. However, some guys still find it tough to get rid of the shackles of anxiety, even if they have a supportive partner. For these guys, I recommend a longer term, sexual self-therapy program. By following a specific set of instructions you can learn how to control your body and to eventually ejaculate only when you wish to do so.

Michael Ortiz

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