Cosmetics For Mixed Race Skin

Mixed race skin types can make it a little difficult when choosing skin foundations, or pressed powders. Often when we do choose a colour, it can make our face look whiter than the rest of our body, or the other problem is the foundation can go orange. I’m sure some of you know exactly what I mean, it’s frustrating. You spend more time than most women just trying out the testers from medium to dark. My skin tone is “medium white to olive.” I think now I may have found the solution to this rather annoying problem.

I purchased a DIY “mineral makeup” kit. I can now make my own foundation and it’s good for my skin. The kit comes with a “how-to” manual. Personally, I think this is the answer if you have mixed race skin, as usually, we fall somewhere in between the shades available in retail stores which are mostly the basic “light, medium and dark.

Because my skin will naturally darken very easily in the summer months, I need a darker shade and a lighter one for winter, usually two shades lighter than the one I use in summer. This is common for olive to dark skin tones. Mixed race skin types are exciting, lots of colour looks great especially in the summer when skin can look glowing and dewy.

I have found DIY mineral makeup kits exciting to play around with. There is less wastage and not as time consuming trying to make the standard colours available fit our unique skin colour and the minerals help with acne and many other skin issues especially if your skin is sensitive. You can purchase DIY mineral makeup kits online.

The cost of purchasing a DIY mineral makeup kit varies slightly from around $70 to 100+ depending on what the kit consists of. I still think this is a cost effective way to encompass with your skin care range. We pay more – often for the fancy packaging in pharmacies, and the quality of the contents are loaded with petrochemicals and sulphates not to mention the hideous animal testing in pharmaceutical testing laboratories.

If I can, I will always scan for the cruelty-free products and look out for labels where a white rabbit appears somewhere on the label, as this is all the proof you need to recognise that the product is completely free of any animal derivatives, animal testing, and nasty chemicals.

Starting a small business in mineral makeup for mixed race skin types would be valuable in sharing with others, and it’s something we need in our makeup industry today. The best thing about mineral makeup is that IT IS CRUELTY-FREE.

Michael Ortiz

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