Elliptical Trainer Benefits

Today, there are many fitness crazes that come and go. As each fad comes, people come running after it. To accommodate such fads, several machines are also manufactured. They, too, don’t always last long as they also go out of style right along with the fads. Sometimes, a new idea is welcomed that actually sticks around and gains popularity as it has been proven to work. A recent invention that is quickly gaining popularity is the Elliptical Trainer. More and more fitness centers are adding elliptical trainers to their stables of equipment and they are fast approaching the popularity of other machines such as treadmills and recumbent bikes. This is one machine that appears to be here to stay. Here are 6 reasons as to why they are becoming so popular.

1. The Elliptical trainers allow the user to burn a similar amount of calories as jogging but with more ease. Feet never leave the pedals which makes this machine low impact and easier on the body, especially the joints. Doing running exercises on an elliptical trainer is equivalent to running in midair as the body does not feel the impact.

2. This machine has been recommended for users who are elderly or for people recovering from a joint injury. This is because of the lack of impact experienced by the body.

3. Elliptical trainers work the entire body–both upper and lower. As the feet are going in an elliptical motion working the entire lower body, the upper body is getting a workout from the rotating movement of the handlebars thus allowing the user to tone their arms.

4. Because the elliptical trainer works the entire body all at once, the heart rate climbs more quickly thus optimizing the body’s energy making for a more efficient workout.

5. Users of elliptical trainers can often burn more calories in the same amount of time as they could using other machines such as treadmills.

6. When using the elliptical trainer, one can adjust the intensity of the workout. They can set the resistance levels to what works best for them. This feature is great to adding tone to the body. Say good by to flabby buts and thighs–forever!

Next time you are at the gym, be sure to try the elliptical trainer if you have not already. Some people especially beginners to cardio workout find them challenging at first and you may not be able to stay very long, but if you increase your workout each time, you will soon get used to it and it may well because your favorite machine for your cardio workout.

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