Hiring a Personal Trainer? How to Find the Best

Hiring a personal trainer to assist you with your fitness program is a great investment. It can also be a confusing endeavor for someone who is new to the exercise field, or even an individual who has little experience with training. When you are looking for your first personal trainer you want to go about it the right way so that you don’t lose valuable time and money.

There are three main benefits to hiring a trainer that will help you develop a solid training program and improve your overall health and exercise routine.

o Progression- Most people do not progress well enough on their own. Working with a trainer will speed up the process and push you past your normal limits
o Efficiency- Progression and efficiency together will help you to work harder and smarter at the gym. 2-3 sessions per week with a fitness trainer can help kick start your program much better than doing it on your own
o Elevated Work Rate: Working with an outsider such as a trainer will help to push you past your limits and get you to work harder overall. A trainer will push you through the last few repetitions and give you the motivation to lose more body fat, lift more weight, and get stronger

Here are some helpful hints to get you started in your search for the best personal trainers around.

o Find someone that is nationally certified. There are many simple personal training certifications but you want someone with a high level of knowledge. Look for certifications such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and the Academy of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
o Find proof that they are a good trainer. Get referrals from friends or co-workers; check out their website, and talk to people that workout with them. If those people are happy, you will most likely see results as well
o Find someone who is willing to help you. A lot of trainers have their own agendas before they even meet you. Meeting with your fitness specialist and establishing goals is important. Make sure they are clear and concise about how you will meet your goals and really show an interest in you.
o Find a friendly trainer. The training sessions are much more enjoyable with a dynamic personality that can elevate your day and motivate you to train harder. Stay away from people who are just in it to talk about themselves
o Ask them about their philosophies. All trainers have a certain style and reasons for why they design programs a certain way. Find out how they train and why. It is important to understand why you are doing certain exercises over others.
o Do not be afraid to ask questions. A good trainer should always be able to back up their reasoning but it is your money and your body so don’t be shy.
o Make sure the trainer is insured. Whether they work for a gym or they are a private contractor, be sure that insurance is covered. Things can happen and you want to be sure that your health is safe.

Follow these simple steps when you are searching for a fitness trainer to help you elevate your training program. Do your research and be a smart consumer and you should see a huge return on your investment.

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