How to Dominate, Manipulate and Control a Woman – Do You Know These Covert Seduction Techniques?

If you are one of those politically correct wimps who thinks that covert seduction techniques is beneath you, then stop reading further. What I am going to share here are some insanely powerful tactics that any man can use to make a woman like him – and they are based on hypnosis, persuasion and influence tactics that politicians and cult leaders use for ages. When you use these tactics, women would find it difficult NOT to fall in love with you – simply because they are hard-wired psychologically to respond. Read on to discover the killer ways to completely dominate a woman using covert attraction tactics – and achieve killer results amazingly quickly…

How To Dominate, Manipulate And Control A Woman – Do You Know These Covert Seduction Techniques?

“Make Her Submit To You”. Some psychologists tend to believe that women naturally submit to men. I am not here to debate about human psychology, but many women would rather be lead by men. What you therefore need to do to dominate a woman is to establish early on in the relationship that you are the leader. You would need to “burn” it into her mind that you’re the one who is making the decisions. Read on to the next tactic to know how to do this…

“Carrot And Stick”. You would need to “train” her by rewarding her for her good behavior (and correspondingly, punish her when she misbehaves). With enough conditioning, she would feel that it’s happier for her just to submit to you than to fight you.

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