Indoor Cycle Trainer or Cycling Outside

Indoor Cycling


  • Convenience – no need to travel with your bike to a good cycling location if your trainer is set up at home or your gym is near by
  • All weather – rain, snow, hail, cyclone, tornado…
  • Safety – no traffic to contend with and it’s unlikely that your stationary bike is going to fall over on you.
  • Controlled conditions – no traffic lights to stop at, no hills to climb unless you want them. This also allows you to target a specific heart rate or power output
  • Entertainment – it’s safe to use your MP3 player when you don’t have to look out for traffic. That favourite TV show might be just a remote control away.
  • Close to home – by this I mean close to your family allowing you to exercise after the kids have gone to sleep.


  • Hot – you can get hotter due to no airflow (unless you have a fan on). Then again, maybe it’s cold and you want to get warm!
  • Limitation of the trainer – not all trainers are created equal. Mag trainers can feel very different to cycling on a real bike, wind trainers a little more realistic (but with more noise). If you’re looking to buy a trainer, make sure you check out the pros and cons of each first. Gyms typically have indoor trainer bikes with their own characteristics. The trainer can also have a maximum resistance which you may find too easy to overcome.
  • Boredom – staring at your lounge room wall can get a little dull. You can always use your music player or watch TV

Outdoor Road / Track cycling


  • Sociable – getting out for a ride with your pals or your partner is a great way to spend some time together.
  • Outside – you can’t beat that fresh air!
  • Varied workout – if structured workouts aren’t your thing, the natural geography will provide you with varied challenges
  • Natural cycling feel – riding a bike is just like… well, riding a bike
  • Wind through your hair!
  • Longer workouts – maybe it’s all of the pros above, but I enjoy taking longer rides on the bike outside.


  • Less Safe – Contending with dangers such as road traffic, animals, other riders, track obstacles and gravity!
  • Mechanical failures – flat tires, broken chains, buckled rims. These all seem to occur far from home
  • Weather – it doesn’t always go your way. Wind, rain, too much sun exposure. The best laid plans for an outdoor ride can be ruined by it.
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