Jason Ferruggia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets Review

I tried out Jason Ferruggia’s Muscle gaining secrets for 16 weeks, and I can honestly say that it is the best strength training program I have every used. This program is designed for hardgainers like myself. The program is split up into four phases, each phase being 4 weeks.

Jason Ferruggia really does a great job explaining the program in ways that the average person can understand. After you read the E-Book, you will say to yourself, WOW all of that really made sense. You would of wished you knew about this program years ago. I myself gained 12 pounds of solid muscle on the program. It is crucial that you follow every step and eat properly to achieve your goals. I’ve been searching for years on ways to gain weight with no luck, until I discovered this program.

As Jason mentions in the e-book, most guys who are skinny use workouts that are wrong for them. Most skinny guys use workouts that were designed for guys with freak-like genetics and this does not work for these guys. Most hardgainers need to rest between workouts, this is why the program is split into 3 days a week. The rep schemes, diet and exercises that you should be using are all detailed in the book.

This program is great if you are having trouble putting on weight in the gym. It is designed to put on pure solid lean muscle. Everything you need is included. You will receive; Muscle Gaining Secrets, MGS workout guide, MGS meal plan, the supplement report, MGS exercise database, MGS growth tracker, 10 minute muscle meals, one-month prescription to Jason’s site, and life time e-book updates.

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Michael Ortiz

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