Metaphysical Chemicalization – The Fizz Of Spiritual Growth

I have witnessed what I call ’emotional house cleanings’ at a number of New Thought workshops and retreats I have attended during the past twenty years of higher consciousness exploration. People attend these retreats from all over the world and from all walks of life. Most of the participants are from a combination of Christian and New Thought backgrounds. Many of the ‘house cleanings’ come from people who are in some kind of life transition.

The ‘house cleanings’ I am referring to usually come on the third or fourth day of a week-long spiritual retreat. After almost a week of mind-boggling class discussions, evening assignments, and group projects on Biblical, New Age, New Thought, and metaphysical subjects, a few of the students (probably 30%) experience emotional meltdowns.

The metaphysical term for this meltdown is chemicalization. When people receive life-changing information that creates considerable cognitive dissonance, old emotional programming and belief systems resist the new information and they experience an internal upheaval.

My term for this chemicalization experience is ‘Spiritual Sodium Bi-Carbs.’ Sodium Bi-Carbs are a great metaphor for the ‘perculating up’ of old belief systems and self-defeating assumptions that we allow to limit our good.

That’s what I believe is happening in Matthew 21:12-14. Jesus has just made His triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Read Matthew 21:12-14 in your favorite Bible translation to see what happens.

Here is a metaphysical meaning of the account. You may want to fasten your seatbelt:

I believe this event describes the chemicalization experience — a Spiritual Sodium Bi-Carb moment — which we all experience when our minds are stretched by information so new and thought-provoking that it sends us into an energetic mind-spin. It is a consciousness shift, and hopefully, a spiritual deepening. When we allow ourselves to work through our embedded belief systems we enter a state of receptivity that can produce spiritual awakening and growth. We are ready for the Indwelling Christ to speak to us.

Growth usually comes when our Christ potential (our Jesus quality) creates dissonance in our old belief system (represented by the money changers) and turns our old beliefs upside down (the tables). When this happens, we experience emotional chemicalization.

As we grow on our spiritual journeys, we are bound to run into moments when our old beliefs run head-on into our new-found understanding. When this happens, we experience some form of chemicalization.

When we go through a chemicalization experience it is sign of growth, not stagnation or backsliding. It means that the old stuff which has kept us unaware of who we really are and what we can really do is undergoing a revolutionary change. It means we are rising to a higher octave in consciousness.

Once we take a few Spiritual Sodium Bi-Carbs (chemicalization experiences) we feel the sizzle of enthusiasm, the swish of expectancy, and the fizz of a deep transformational lift which tell us we have been changed at depth.

Michael Ortiz

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