Ninja Warz Guide – How To Level Up Faster And Earn More Karma

Having a hard time gaining experience to level up? Don’t have enough Karma to buy cool weapons and train your ninjas? I bet you wished there were an easier way to do these things. Well, fret no more! I’m happy to tell you that I have the solution to your problems. This guide will list various tips and tricks to help you in your journey to becoming the best ninja clan there is.

Ninja Warz Leveling Tips

Leveling up is an important aspect of the game. Leveling up gives karma and grants access to stronger weapons and relics. However, you should make it a point to never level up too quickly. You may be asking yourself why not? Well, let me explain why it is a bad idea to level up too fast.

Leveling up quickly will not give you enough time to train your ninjas. This makes your ninjas weaker and unfit to battle other ninja clans of the same level. This will also make you lose a lot of gold because you need to heal your ninjas after you lose a fight.

Tournaments are a great way to gain experience and gold. They are open every 4 hours. Because of this, you can gain a ton of experience daily by winning 2 or 3 tournaments daily. Do not be discouraged if you lose. You can enter the tournament as many times as you want. Keep trying and don’t give up until you win.

Having plenty of allies will place you at a major advantage in this game. Allies can send weapons and relics in the form of gifts. However, please remember to return the favor by sending gifts to them as well.

Defeat bosses such as Genbu or Tonderu Josei to receive experience, powerful relics and weapons. You can challenge these bosses again after you have defeated them to gain more experience.

Ninja Warz Karma Tips

Karma is a precious and scarce asset in Ninja Warz. It helps you train your ninjas to make them stronger in battles. You can also use karma to purchase powerful relics which boosts your ninja’s performance.

There are 3 main ways to gain karma:

– Leveling up

– Achievements

– Buying karma.

Never use karma to purchase weapons. Weapons that cost karma may seem powerful at first, but they will begin to get weaker when you level up.

Remember to equip relics that give you karma each day. You can get these relics as a gift from your ally or you can purchase them in the shop. These relics will grant you 1 – 2 karma each day.

Having plenty of allies is a great way to earn karma because of the achievements. After reaching a certain amount of allies, you will reach certain achievements which will present you with karma.

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