No-Nonsense Muscle Building Review – Review of No-Nonsense Fat Cutting Bonus E-Book

This “No-Nonsense Muscle Building” review will focus on the free e-book titled, “No-Nonsense Fat Cutting”. It’s a free 67-page e-book that’s included with the standard purchase of the “No-Nonsense Muscle Building” program which helps you to cut back your fat after you bulk up. Hyped up, or actually useful? This “No-Nonsense Muscle Building” review will tell you.

The e-book starts off by telling readers that it contains everything you need to know to get to your ideal shredded physique: 5-6% body fat for men and 10-12% body fat for women. Vince DelMonte, author of “No-Nonsense Muscle Building” reveals his own simple roadmap to burn fat after the bulking stage of the workout. Most men tend to find that when they do cardio to lose fat, they also lose a considerable amount of muscle, but this book emphasizes that you can keep the muscle you’ve put on and just burn the fat away instead. The central belief is that you can lose weight by going on a diet, but Vince DelMonte disagrees. Going on a diet will reduce your calorie intake, meaning your muscles will turn to muscle to sustain itself, which in turn meals you might lose weight, but you’ll still retain all your fat. If you ever get off that diet, you will gain weight again, since your body naturally wants more calories to sustain itself. So the diet is not the way to go.

Vince starts off by introducing the concept of body-types, or somatotypes started by Dr. William Sheldon, in 1940. He talks about ectomorphs, endmorphs and mesomorphs, or in layman’s terms, skinny, well proportioned and fat. He believes that genes control these pre-determined body types we “grow into” and this in turns decides how easy or hard it is to not only gain muscle, but to burn fat as well. To help people find out what kind of somatotype they are, Vince puts a little quiz in the e-book, where you select a box that you best fit into. Some people may find that they’re one distinct body-type, whereas some people will find out that they’re in between a ectomorph and endomorph, for example.

Chapter 2 then focuses on the emotional and mental triggers that have prevented you thus far from burning fat. This might seem like fluff that you can skip over, but if you’re someone who often finds that they give up a weight loss program or exercise program a few days into it, it will be of benefit to you. In truth, there is a lot of overlap between the muscle industry and the self-development industry. Both require you to have responsibility for your actions and condemn the procrastinating and excuse-making mentality. It’s not a very long chapter, but still worth a read to get you into the right frame of mind to prepare to cut fat.

Chapter 3 is titled, “The Fat Cutting Diet” and this where Vince DelMonte gets into the nitty gritty. There is a bit of irony in this chapter, since he clearly condemned diets not 2 chapters ago. At any rate, he warns readers that it’s only for 3 kinds of people:

1. Those who have gained at least 20 more pounds than they aimed to,

2. Those who are over 20% body fat

3. Those who are motivated enough to get shredded for summer, etc

There is a lot to absorb in this chapter and reading it through once will not do. If you are not a nutritionist or simply new to the concept of fat cutting instead of weight loss, then you might have to write down a glossary of some terms to refer to when you’re reading this chapter. Vince talks about things like “carbohydrating cycling”, which is having low carbohydrate days then having that high carbohydrate day to make sure your body doesn’t go into survival mode and start stripping off muscle instead of fat, the “golden ratio” of carbohydrates to fats you should follow if you want to consistently burn fat, good types of meat you should be taking for maximal protein absorption, the types of carbohydrates you should be taking in to minimize fat gain and tips to stick by your shredding diet. At the end of the chapter, he provides a sample meal plan that encompasses everything he talks about in the chapter. Again, Don’t skim through this chapter; it will form the basis of your understanding for the rest of the e-book.

In the last chapter, Vince gives you his exact workout routine to cut 24 pounds of fat over 5 months. He even provides pictures of his before and after stages. He had to get ripped for a fitness show, but also, he didn’t to be one of those trainers who talked big but didn’t act. The days which he exercises and the exercises which he does are provided in this chapter. It’s short and simple, this chapter and pretty much all you need to consistently cut fat from your body, provided you understand how and what to eat during the course of this session, so you don’t lose muscle as well.

Again, this might be a bit of a handful for people who are used to the concept of “losing weight”, but the cutting fat process is laid out nicely for you in this e-book. Vince has got you covered if you want to gain muscle then shred the fat to get that ideal body. Because it’s useless bulking up and staying chubby.

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