Physical Order – Rest

Rest – relief or freedom, esp. from anything that wearies, troubles, or disturbs. A period or interval of inactivity, repose, solitude, or tranquility: to go away for a rest. Mental or spiritual calm; tranquility.

You just read the definition of rest. Rest is an important part of the lifestyle of order, and organization. Everyone need to stop and take the time to slow down, and rest their physical body, as well as rest their mind. You cannot continue to go at a non – stop pace, without your body, and your life speaking to you telling you it is time to rest. Taking a vacation, and even doing something you truly love to do can bring you into a place of rest. Your home should be a place of rest, peace, and tranquility.

– Chaos in the home goes against the law of order, which is necessary to be able to rest in your home. An unorganized home is not the place where you can rest. It causes you to be uneasy, and overwhelmed, not able to rest, and have the peace that the lifestyle of order gives you. Our creator created six days to work, and one day to rest. Just that truth should tell you that rest is necessary. Rest helps you to rejuvenate, and regroup.

– Getting a proper’s night sleep also helps you to come to a place of rest. You cannot function without a proper night sleep, and allowing our body, and mind that time to rest causes us to be more clear in our thinking, as well as equipped to handle, and deal with what is going on throughout our day.

Without rest you can wear your body down, and decrease your body’s immunity. To be your best make sure rest is a priority in your life. You cannot be productive without rest, and when you are not well rested you become irritable, and not at your optimum best. Recently I had to stop, and slow down myself to rest. I was running on fumes, and had run out of gas. It took me a few days rest to get back to that place of where I could function at my best. I enjoyed my time of rest, because in that time I was able to be still, and enjoy a time of solitude. I took the time to just enjoy being home, and not here, there, and everywhere. I welcomed my time to rest, and look forward to doing it again.

For those of you who are workaholics, and find it challenging to slow down, and stop. You will find it difficult to allow a time of rest. I suggest you start with taking one day at a time off, maybe make it a long weekend, or choose a day in the middle of the week. Just give yourself the time you need to rest. Allow yourself to enjoy your day off, sleep in longer, do something you love that brings you to a place of rest. Pamper yourself, do something to take care of you, because you will be better able to take care of others. When you make the decision to rest. Do not allow anyone, or anything to interrupt your time of rest with activity. The object of rest is to get away from activity, and to flow in a more peaceful, slower pace. Don’t deny yourself a time of rest, it helps you to be the best you can be when you rest. May you have a blessed, and great time of rest, you cannot afford not to do so. It is not only important, but necessary to your total wellbeing.

Michael Ortiz

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