Physical Pain: Can Trapped Emotions Cause Physical Pain?

When one experiences some kind of physical pain or tension it can be normal to just see it as the body reacting to something and that some kind of external solution is needed to deal with the pain.

And this is a natural consequence of seeing the body as separate from the mind and something that often acts in strange and unexpected ways. Ways that will be forever out of one’s intellectual grasp and that the pain just needs to be removed or numbed and then everything will generally be back to normal.


There is all kind of options available now to remove this pain; from tablets, to patches, drinks and certain kinds of exercise for instance, as well as many other things. Sometimes these methods will last for a short time and at others they will last even longer.

Perhaps one could remove their pain completely through doing this; it can all depend on many factors. It could also be possible to remove one kind of pain and as time goes on, another kind will appear somewhere else; this time it could be a lot stronger and no longer be removed through the usual means.


And as it is human nature to avoid pain and to seek pleasure, it is not much of a surprise to see this approach in the western world. In other societies, in the east for instance, a different approach is often taken.

So as soon as the physical pain appears, one will do all they can to put it to an end. One then returns to their normal level of comfort or even feels slightly better. This then enables them, in most cases, to return to their life without the body’s discomfort.

Health Care

When one goes to their doctor or to a pharmacy to seek assistance for their physical pain, they are not necessarily going to be asked what else is going on for them. The pain is typically going to be seen in isolation and not as a part of something more.

So the experience one has had at an emotional level up until this point will not be looked into; it will generally be overlooked. One might be asked what they have been doing physically or what they have eaten recently, but very little else.

The perspective that the body is separate from the mind and therefore acts however it wants is supported by just about every area of the western world. In recent years, genetics has taken over as being the reason why the body does the things that it does.


There is then the kinds of thing what someone has eaten or if they have done something that was physically strenuous for example and then there is the genetic component, but other than that, there is very little else. So it would be normal and even expected for one to end up feeling powerless and that they have no control over their body.

One is then nothing more than an observer of their body and what it does or does not do. And when one lives in their head and is cut off from their body, there is not much chance of another point of view. Of course one could read about their body being as much as who they are their mind, but this is merely an intellectual understanding.

Emotional Disconnection

When someone has a friend that causes them too much pain or when there is a certain place that causes painful memories, it is common to no longer see this person or to go to the place. This is done to protect oneself from the pain and as this person and place is not part of oneself; they can be cut out of one’s life.

The same approach can be utilized when it comes to emotional pain. Here, one becomes cut off from their body as a way to avoid pain. But while people or places can be removed from one’s life, the body cannot be. This will always be there, regardless of whether one has removed their awareness from it.

To the mind, this emotional pain could no longer be there, just like the friend who one doesn’t see or the place one no longer goes to. So the mind can live in this delusion and yet the body is still carrying these emotions and feelings.

Trapped Emotions

These could have built up from what has happened during ones adult years and what took place when they were a child and a baby. Over the years they can become pushed into ones vital organs, muscles and bones and while one might no longer be in touch with them, they will appear in other ways.

And one way they can show up is through one experiencing some kind of physical pain or tension. Through one being cut off from their emotions and feelings for so long, when this does start showing up as pain it can be confusing. This is partly due to the time delay and the fact that it can take a while for emotional pain to change into physical pain.


So one could experience something or even eat something, and these trapped emotions and feelings will be triggered once more and physical pain will ensue. This is because the body wants to release these emotions and feelings to restore inner balance and harmony.

However, if one is taking tablets or something similar to remove the pain, they are also missing out on what the body is trying to communicate. And this information can be far more profound than the fact the body is in pain.

Areas Of The Body

And different areas of the body can carry different feelings and emotions. The chest can relate to the following feelings: rejection, abandonment, grief, betrayal, emptiness and hopelessness. And in the stomach area it can be to do with: fear, powerlessness, control, shame, guilt and feelings to do with survival.

These are just some areas and there are others that can carry different feelings and emotions. And what is going on within these vital organs can define how ones legs and arms feel; such as feeling cold. Having this emotional build up creates strain on ones organs and this can impact the body’s equilibrium.


Trapped emotions and feelings can be released with the assistance of a therapist or a healer who will allow one to face them and gradually release them. And as this happens, ones physical pain can begin to disappear.

Michael Ortiz

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