Physical Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks – How to Handle It

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks can produce a series of unpleasant effects. What exactly are some of these?

– Increased Heart Rate
– Hyperventilation, Short Breaths, Feeling as if you’re choking
– Sweating
– Feeling Tired or Fatigued

These are among the most common Physical Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks. During an attack, all you have to rely on is what you know, and you’re aware of – despite the difficulty in focusing on these things.

So how do we go about Handling an attack?

The first step is dealing with the hyperventilation. This in and of it self can help out significantly.

When you find this starting, try to take deep breaths. This helps in many ways, but the quick rundown is that we can experience a shortage of oxygen despite breathing so rapidly due to the lowered carbon dioxide in our blood.

By taking deep breaths we can regain control slowly, escape the grasp of the hyperventilation. This will also aid with the light headed feeling or feinting.

The next thing is relaxation techniques – this of course, involves learning before you go through an attack. It can be in the form of Meditation, Yoga, and others. With enough practice, it’s possible to put the body in a relaxed state almost instantly.

Doing this will also help in the Fatigue department, not to mention it helps you to regain control of yourself and the situation.

There is also exercise. Many of us dread that term, but it is a very helpful thing when it comes to dealing with Physical Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks. It becomes easier to relax, and can reduce stress significantly – all of which will deduct from the power an attack may have.

Michael Ortiz

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