Prevent Premature Ejaculation By Pulling On Your Balls

When you are having sex with your woman you may notice that you get really close to ejaculating and that you get overly sensitive in your penis.

There is nothing more frustrating than to have to explain to your partner why you just ejaculated in your pants or why you ejaculated as soon as penetration began. Since women love to have vaginal sex they usually do get disappointed when you as a guy can’t give them that penetration that they desire so badly.

I am going to show you a technique that will help you get rid of that feeling of pressure that builds up in your groin. This technique will also help you last longer by adding a couple of extra minutes to your lasting time every time you use it. It also prevents premature ejaculation.

So whenever you find yourself in that situation where you feel a lot of pressure in your penis and you get close to ejaculating you can use this technique and immediately reduce some of the pressure and sensitivity and last longer.

This technique is a very discreet technique, your partner will never know that you are constantly adding extra minutes to your lasting time!

This technique allows you to last longer instantly with no extra work or time on your part.

When you are having sex in missionary position and you get close to ejaculating, tell her that you want to change positions to doggy-style.

While she gets herself ready you simply back up and do this technique and you are able to last longer.

You can use it whenever you change positions or during small breaks.

How the technique works.

Your testicles are connected to something called your urethral bulb by a cord.

Your sperm will travel from your testicles via this cord to your urethral bulb, and when the urethral bulb gets filled with sperm, your testicles contract and push up against your body.

When the urethral bulb is filled with sperm and your testicles have contracted up against the base of your penis your ejaculatory reflex will activate.

By grabbing your testicles and gently pulling them down you interrupt the process of ejaculation.

The ejaculatory reflex has a very hard time activating unless the testicles are contracted and close to the base of your penis.

By pulling your testicles down slowly and gently you get the ability to last longer because they have to contract again which takes time.

You make it very difficult for the ejaculatory reflex to activate since you are constantly pulling your testicles away from your body, this prohibits the reflex to activate and you are immediately able to last longer.

The next time you have sex and you get close to ejaculating you can do this technique and last longer.

How to use the technique

#1 – Before you enter your partner and have sex, make sure that you gently grab both of your testicles with you ring-finger and thumb, grab both of them and very cautiously push down.

You can get really excited during foreplay which can lead to premature ejaculation, by doing this before you penetrate her, you make sure that you don’t prematurely ejaculate as soon as sex begins.

#2 – When you are having sex with your partner and you slow down a little bit or change positions, grab your testicles and gently push them down and start again.

By continuously interrupting the process of ejaculation you will systematically be adding minutes to your lasting time with this simple 5 second push.

#3 – Tell her to do it for you when she is giving you manual or oral sex.

So when she is doing her work down there, tell her that it feels good when she gently pulls your testicles down and holds them like that.

This will let you enjoy oral sex from a hot woman without the fear of premature ejaculation and even better, she will also be able to enjoy herself down there.

Michael Ortiz

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