Reviving Beauty Forever – Physical Beauty or the Inner Virtue

Beauty of a woman

Beauty has always been a prime concern in all the ages. From the prehistoric period to the Egyptian civilization, the renaissance period and the present century, beauty has always been rewarded and taken care of. When we talk about beauty it is always ‘women’ whom we relate it to. Nature has provided every woman with a significant charm. It lies beneath her expressive face, her beam smile, eloquent eyes, long hair and poise walk. There are different perceptions and myths followed by beauty.

Is beauty synonym to the physical appearance or the beauty of an inner heart?

The judgement of beauty differs in the thinking of the person. Most of the people are inclined towards the external appearance of a woman and scale them according to their physical looks. Thus, the inner beauty remains confined to the pages of a book or been glorified by an author or a poet. On the contrary, Inner beauty remains with us for a lifetime. It helps us to be a respectable person in the society with our good deeds. If a person is good-looking, smart and well educated but is arrogant and proud, he is not liked by the people. The society does not cares for such a person. But one cannot deny the fact that physical beauty acknowledges the person you are. When you meet a person for the first time, you will acknowledge his/her physical beauty prior to his inner goodness. His/her style of dressing, the way he walks, his well maintained physique draws the attention thereby leaving an impression. People forget to realize that the outer beauty is temporary and volatile. Lot have been done to enhance the outer beauty by means of temporary camouflage creams, ointments, treatment centers and beauty enhancement surgeries. But the truth is even after using innumerable artificial methods to sustain the external beauty, its life is small.

So, how do we create the inner beauty within ourselves?

It is never too late to understand that under the layers of colors, hues and tricky process to convert an ordinary face to an extraordinary one, it remains just a painting canvas without any soul. If you want to highlight the make-up, not the one on your body but the soul, the first magic ingredient is:

  • Joy: Do not look out for things which is not with you, but instead make yourself happy with the beautiful things you possess.
  • Be Confident: See yourself as an independent, strong and optimist person and others will also see you the same way.
  • Eat healthy: Start by forming a healthy habit to eat fresh and hygiene food. It helps to focus on the work and keep us active throughout the day.
  • Meditation and yoga: Working out and doing yoga help us to remain healthy both physically and mentally.
  • Love yourself: Take pride in yourself. Never think you are inferior to others. Always keep the temperament high.

To summarize, there is no harm in looking beautiful through the aids provided in the beauty industry but it should not dilute the natural looks. The natural beauty always exist in yourself, just a need to activate it.

Michael Ortiz

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