The Art of Self-Love for Physical, Sexual, & Spiritual Acceptance Via Autofellatio & Autocunnilingus

What is self-love? I think most of us associate this concept with philosophies and religious teachings that state that in order for us to be loved by others, that we have to love ourselves.

This means that we accept ourselves for what and who we are, realizing that we are perfectly imperfect. Through our acceptance of ourselves, this allows other people to more easily accept us.

So when we talk about self-love through the act of autofellatio or autocunnilingus, what do we exactly mean? Certainly this, too, is a form of self-love. It has to be, as it is a form of masturbation that brings us closer to ourselves. However, with these self-sex methods, we are loving ourselves in a physical manner and not so much in a “philosophical” manner. That seems to be the major difference.

But through these methods of auto-sexual masturbation techniques, we are not just getting physical love. The reason for this is that through our self-sexual acceptance of ourselves, we can actually increase our spiritual and personal level of loving one’s self.

That would mean that not only are such practices enjoyable and rewarding for us on a physical-pleasure level, but that these practices also allow us the opportunity to become closer to accepting ourselves in all aspects of the self.

Some people are embarrassed of/by their naked bodies. They might think other people perceive them as unattractive. Fear and lack of self-confidence in one’s sexual attractiveness can be devastating to an individual and can certainly hamper their personal relationships.

If one can learn to physically enjoy sex with themselves, on a very intimate level, this would be a form of accepting one’s sexuality. Could this acceptance help them realize that other people are willing to sexually accept them, too? It certainly sounds plausible.

Michael Ortiz

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