The Philippine Nation’s Two Unique Positive Traits – The Values of Filipinos

There are two unique positive traits that show the values of Filipinos in life. These values toward the truth, family, and respect to fellows are the foundations of the core strengths of the character of the Filipinos. As a Filipino, I can say that the Philippine nation is known for honesty or “katapatan” and its strong sense of family and community ties due to the orientation of its people.

Known as the value of “katapatan” in the Filipino language, honesty is one great positive attitude of Filipinos. This virtue of righteousness and truthfulness in both mind and heart makes Filipino workers world class. This virtue particularly strengthens the nation with trustworthy citizens.

This does not mean however that all Filipinos are honest. This article only explains that honesty is very visible among the Philippine society and even portrayed in every detail of life. In fact, honesty is always emphasized and highly regarded in movies and daily television shows in the Philippines. Thus, the Philippine audience is always attracted to stories of righteousness, a strong expression of their hope for better days in their choice in siding with the good.

Honesty results to the second positive trait which is the strong sense of family and community. This indigenous trait of the Philippine people is called “pakikipagkapwa-tao” in the native tongue. The strong family orientation is further extended in the community, encouraging cooperation among the neighborhood and at the work place.

To exemplify this strong sense of community, Filipinos are fond of interaction with fellow especially in times of crisis. You can see this in times of death where family, relatives, colleagues, and friends extend financial, moral, and emotional support at this depressed time. This concept of neighborliness is further shown in spending time with each other more with mutual visiting and even exchanging food.

These two values are unique positive traits of the Filipino people. Indeed, Filipinos take pride in their selves these values founded on a life of truthfulness with close family and a highly cooperative community.

Michael Ortiz

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