The Premature Ejaculation Carrot Top Method

It has been proven many times that you can cure or fix premature ejaculation through mental means. Males who simply focus their attention elsewhere for a few moments during sex, can last much, much longer, easily bringing a women to peak excitement. Even if these males have suffered greatly from premature ejaculation in the past, they can quickly fix the problem by learning how to mentally control it. Now, here is a surefire “red-hot” way to stop premature ejaculation through mental technique, using the comedian, Carrot Top.

1. You need to think up a mental image beforehand, so when sexual intimacy arrives you can automatically bring up this image and use it to control your premature ejaculation.

For this very effective method to work, we use the image of the red headed, frizzy haired, eye liner wearing performer and comedian, Carrot Top.

2. You want to study your mental image beforehand. Look at a picture of Carrot Top on the internet and try to fix that image in your head.

3. When you are engaged in sexual intimacy with your partner, and you feel the beginnings of premature ejaculation coming on, simply bring in the image of Carrot Top to the forefront of your mind. Think solely of Carrot Top. The goofy smile, the ridiculous red hair, the pale white skin. Soon you will notice your sexual over excitement has dropped the necessary few notches needed, thus effectively preventing premature ejaculation from occurring! You are now lasting longer and longer, having successfully avoided getting over excited, too quickly.

4. The great thing about the Carrot Top premature ejaculation method, is that you can re-use it again and again during your sexual intimacy session. You may again feel quick ejaculation beginning to arise, and once again just bring in Carrot Top to the forefront of your mind and your excitement will again drop the necessary few notches, allowing you to have sex longer and longer!

Michael Ortiz

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