Top Health Benefits Of Drinking Natural Artesian Water

Why drink natural artesian water over other forms of bottled water or even tap water? Artesian drinking water does not contain the contaminants that you may find in tap water or in other types of bottled water. It also has a high mineral content. The body needs the minerals found in artesian waters to function at the highest possible level.

Different Types of Water

Artesian differs from regular spring water and other bottled waters in many ways. Some bottled waters are simply tap water that have been purified, which removes both contaminants and essential minerals from the water. Bottled tap usually lacks the full flavor of artesian water and does not provide any minerals to the body. Bottled spring water may contain minerals, but it can also come from a contaminated source. Types of contaminants include:

– Acid rain

– Toxins from factories

– Ground contaminants

– Bacteria

Unlike spring water, artesian water comes from a source that is deep within the earth. The water is under layers of rock that cannot be penetrated by acid rain, bacteria, or toxins, so it is protected from contamination in a way that other sources of water are not.

Minerals in Artesian Water

Artesian drinking typically has a high mineral and electrolyte content. The human body needs minerals for proper functioning and for development of the bones and other organs. Electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, keep the body in balance. An electrolyte becomes an ion when absorbed by the human body. It sends electrical impulses throughout the body, which keeps the body functioning as it should. The minerals and electrolytes found in artesian water include:

– Silica: an essential mineral for the body. A lack of silica in the body can lead to joint problems and bone deformities. Silica in artesian also gives it body and taste.

– Bicarbonate: an electrolyte that keeps the pH of the blood in balance. Without adequate bicarbonate, the blood can become to acidic. If the pH level of the blood is not balanced, a person may feel tired and have low energy levels.

– Fluoride: a mineral that can protect the teeth and prevent cavities and decay. Fluoride is often added to municipal water. It’s found naturally in artesian water.

– Calcium: a mineral needed for strong bones as well as for muscle and nerve functioning.

Other Health Benefits

Natural artesian water provides other health benefits in addition to being free of contamination and high in minerals. Taking a drink of and when you feel hungry can keep you from overeating. Replacing soda or sugary drinks with water helps you to lose weight. If you are not in the habit of drinking water, try making it part of your daily routine. You will be able to make your own list of personal benefits!

Michael Ortiz

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