What Sign is a Good Match For a Scorpio?

It is possible to use western Astrological Zodiac signs to determine the compatibility of potential lovers. When you ask what sign is a good match for a Scorpio you must first understand the Scorpio. By nature, a Scorpio is a difficult personality to partner. If you are compatible, however, you will be fortunate to be with a loyal, loving, trustworthy and providing partner.

The Scorpio has a huge appetite for lovemaking that can often be much greater than their partner. They can be highly jealous and paranoid at times causing the partner to feel ill at ease. Spontaneous lovemaking is adored by the Scorpio who likes to take charge throughout sexual intercourse and can, at times, use it to get what they want from partners. Though sometimes manipulative, the Scorpio is highly loyal and trustworthy.

They passion for sexual intimacy can become too much for many partners sometimes. The Scorpio will even use body language and eye-contact to make subtle love at times when in the company of others. This, when combined with the actual lovemaking, can be fart to much for some people.

Though a Scorpio retains high standards in their day-to-day life they do have a tendency to fixate on things they are passionate about. This can cause conversation to be drawn to these subjects with sometimes unwelcome monotony.

Although highly phlegmatic, the Scorpio is highly passionate and emotional within and likes to dictate as opposed to take orders. They like to be in control of their own destiny as well as those of the people around them. They find is highly distressing when people in a relationship with them can alter their routine or lives in some way out of their control.

If you take these insights into the nature of a Scorpio, the most ideal matches are Scorpio (though not as much as those signs which follow), Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer and Virgo.

Michael Ortiz

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